5 influential Welsh panellists. 12,000 Welsh start-ups. 1 game changing opportunity. 0 to lose

What is Thrive?

Looking for that opportunity to propel your business from zero to hero? Struggling to remember the last time you were offered an opportunity to go further risk free and string free?

If either of these apply to you, then we have good news; Cardiff based digital marketing agency, Bernie is launching an exciting new competition and initiative in partnership with Sky Adsmart, The Princes Trust, Barclays Eagle Labs and Darwin Gray to help Welsh start-ups, beginning with the opportunity to win an incredible business accelerator package worth over £100,000!

The competition will be undertaken in the well-known ‘Dragons Den’ format and the panel will be made up of local influential representatives from each company on the panel.

What is the prize for the winning start-up?

Thrive is unique, we are in this for you not for us. We don’t want equity, we don’ t want to sit on your board. We simply want to support and reward great business ideas and the teams behind them. In line with our values as an initiative, the prize is a game changing support package worth over £100,000 made up of the brilliant services provided by the panellists. Find out more

Why should I apply for Thrive?

If you want to take your start-up to the next level then there’s absolutely no reason not to apply. Not only will you be given the opportunity to win £100,000 business accelerator package, you’ll also be showing your support for what we’re trying to achieve within the Welsh Start-up-community, and of course joining the community yourself. It doesn’t stop there, everyone who attends will be given access to exclusive promotions from local businesses. Find out more

More Than Just A Competition

Thrive is a competition with a greater purpose, and that purpose is to give back to the Welsh economy through building a collaborative business community. It also aims to support Welsh entrepreneurs through the challenging journey of establishing a business by showcasing the help that is available right here in Wales. Find out more

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